Continuous Brewing..........
Making Kombucha Tea with the continuous brewing method is the easiest way, all you need is a 2 gallon or larger glass or porcelain container and the basic items shown in my basic brewing method.
The advantage of the Continuous Brewing Method is that the optimum health benefit of all the nutrients are readily available. There is no need to do weekly cleaning, to remove or worry about the kombucha mushroom, and mold is far less likely to form. Since you are simply maintaining a consistent established ferment.  Continuous Brewing of the kombucha allows the formation of a variety of the many nutrients and acids that are constantly being produced.
Brew 2 gallons of tea using the basic brewing method , add your starter culture (SCOBY) and starter tea and stir.  Cover with towel and let rest at a temputature of about 75 - 85 degrees.  It will take approximately 14 days give or take.  Once you have attained your personal "taste" your tea is ready to bottle or decater to your own method.
I stir and then remove 1 gallon of tea with the spigot in my container, cap it off and store at room temp for up to 14 days.  This allows fizz to form, and after 14 days I put it in the refigerator untill I am ready to drink.
Then I make 1 gallon of new sweet tea using the basic brewing method , once cool, pour it into the 2 gallon container with the remaining previously brewed tea along with the baby and mother culture.  Because you are now starting with a gallon of starter tea your next batch will be ready in a much shorter time. Approximately 5 - 7 days, which is when you remove another gallon and repeat the whole cycle again.
Every household environment is different so your brew may vary from mine.  Your taste buds are your guide.  I do the second ferment by leaving the tea bottles sit for 14 days but that is something you can choose not to do. I also have another variation, I sampled a bottle of GT Daves Synergy Divine Grape Kombucha and decided to create a similar taste.  When I decanter my tea into the bottles I add 5% ( about 1 and 1/2 oz. to a 32 oz. bottle ) organic grape juice to each bottle, fill it with fresh brewed tea and cap it for 14 days then refrigerate.  This is a spectacular drink! 
I recommend NOT leaving your second ferment sit out for more than 14 days, it could explode depending on what kind of bottle and cap you are using.
Continuous Brew is just this easy............no chemistry lab.............less mess..........less time.      Thats what its all about, I wanted to create an easy brewing method that fits into my life and that I can continue to do without alot of trouble.  Kombucha is a lifetime process, it must FIT.
The mother and baby cultures will always remain in the brew, if you feel your getting too many, you may remove what you want at any time.  I clean out my container about every 12 - 18 months.  I keep the most recent baby culture and 3 cups of starter tea and start over again.