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..........Vitamins are not magic pills. But let's face it: It's really tempting to think of them that way. Anything that can help you live longer, look younger, stave off cancer and heart disease, enhance your immune system, fight off illness and boost your energy certainly sounds pretty miraculous or magical.



..............A few decades ago, when word started to spread about the healing potential of vitamins and minerals, the general public went wild for bottled nutrients. So did health writers and even some doctors. For a while, it was starting to sound like megadoses of vitamins could cure anything. Just take enough vitamins or the right combination of vitamins, and binge! You were on your way to total health. Well, that bubble burst soon enough. Of course, vitamins and minerals can't cure everything. But they can do a lot. Research breakthroughs over just the past few years are making interest in the topic heat up all over again. Some of the things that scientists have discovered about the healing power of these vital nutrients all but boggle the mind. First, remember that supplements are not a substitute for good nutrition. It will come as no surprise to anyone who pays attention to natural healing and prevention that scientists can't beat nature when it comes to packaging healing therapies. And that's why doctors and researchers are saying that you should get your healing vitamins and minerals from food sources. At the same time, doctors and researchers often recommend taking supplements, at least a multivitamin for what they call insurance. Why is that! It's often not practical to get adequate therapeutic amounts of vitamins and minerals from foods. That's right, therapeutic. Large doses of some nutrients have such powerful effects on the body. For this reason, we need a Natural, clinically tested, bioavailable supplement made by a company you can trust. Many doctor’s are increasingly open to nutritional therapy. You may be pleasantly surprised to find your doctor willing to work with you to find the right dosages and monitor your progress. Prevention is what it’s all about. Many researchers and doctors feel that the Daily Values for certain nutrients like vitamin C, for example--should be set much higher. They've also found that the body's need for nutrients goes way, way up when it's fighting disease. That's why you'll find many doctor’s recommendations often go way beyond the Daily Values for many nutrients. As more and more rigorous scientific studies accumulate showing spectacular health benefits from vitamins and minerals, we're all back where we were a few decades ago: eager to take advantage of all of this healing potential and thoroughly confused. While the reasons for taking vitamins and minerals are now based on solid science, shopping for nutrients is still nothing less than overwelming. You know what happens when you make a trip to your local pharmacy or supermarket to buy nutrients. You're faced with overwhelming choices. Shelf after shelf in aisle after aisle offers nothing but confusion. Letters and numbers, single nutrients and combinations, capsules and tablets, bottles in different sizes and colors from different companies, covered with enticing claims that compete for your attention and your precious consumer dollar. What's a person who wants to take vitamins and minerals in a safe and responsible manner supposed to do! All you really want to know, after all, is what really works. The environment we live in can be a wonderful place if we give ourselves the chance to enjoy it Naturally!

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